Flag Football, a safer alternative to learning American Football?

The National Football League brings in more revenue than any of the other major sports. The NCAA is also thought to make billions of dollars from College Football, so it's safe to say people love football.

For decades, young students learned to play through pop warner contact football leagues, but the rising concern with injuries, like CTE, has led to an interesting conversation. If full grown adults suffer these injuries, what problems may arise from children who haven't developed fully? The debate amongst sports lovers is "would you let your child play tackle football?".

This is where flag football comes in. The same skills needed compete in contact football are still learned, but in a safer environment. Offensive skills like route running, handoffs, throwing, catching, and eluding defenders are valuable in any league. Defensive skills like where and how to line up, defensive angles, and breaking down before tackling are easier to learn if a player doesn't have to also worry about tackle form.