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Training Position Description

Do you enjoy being around children, parents, and sports?

Are you a responsible person that shows up when you say you will?

Do you have reliable transportation?

Athletic trainers needed for kids aged 5-14

Responsibilities include:

-Teaching players fundamentals and advanced techniques

-Communicating with parents

-Scheduling or helping schedule sessions

-Developing age/skill appropiate training sessions

-Running hour long, individual/small  group trainining sessions 


No experience necessary! We are looking for someone that is great with people; hard workers go to the front of the line. Great opportunity for a student or recent grad to make some extra income.

Pay: $20+/session

Please apply below if interested.

Players gather around a kneeling coach to receive some motivation.
Youth Smart Play Trainer Application
Which sport(s) are you interested in helping with?
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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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